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Pacific Sink
  • Pacific Sink

  • Pacific Cast Iron Sink

    Classic; Elegant & Style


    Offering warmth, comfort,durability

    Well acid & alkali resistance. 

    Rreduces noise and vibrations.

    Timeless and elegant style, long lasting. 

    Composed of two layers,the foundation layer & coated layer



    When  it comes to durability and attractiveness, a Cast Iron sink certainly  fits the bill. A heavy foundation means these sinks can take a lifetime  of use. The material retains heat well, which is a benefit when washing a  lot of dishes by hand.

    In addition to their  durability, these sinks also boast an attractive finish. The thick  enamel top layer has a beautiful glossy sheen. It's most often white,  but it can be done in a range of colors.


    The polished enamel surface is nonporous, making for a stain resistant  and easy-to-clean sink. They are very easy to clean and their smooth,  glossy finish helps hide water spots and streaks.  A thorough rinsing  and wipe-down with a soft cloth is recommended after each use. Avoid  abrasive cleaners and tools, which can dull or scratch the finish. 

    In sum, they are Durable, heat retaining, and easy to clean. 

    6 Style to Choose From

    32" Double-Bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink - White


    Pacific Sink-6011

      Dimensions: 32"x18.5"x9"     

    33" 70/30 Offset Double-Bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink


    Pacific Sink-6004

      Dimensions: 33"x22"x9"    

    33" Pacific Cast Iron Single Bowl Kitchen Sink


    Pacific Sink-6008

      Dimensions: 33"x22"x9"     

    33" Pacific Double-Bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink- White


    Pacific Sink-6004

       Dimensions: 33"x22"x9"    

    43" Pacific Double-Bowl Cast Iron Kitchen Sink - White


    Pacific Sink-6012

        Dimensions: 43"x22"x11"   

    33" 60/40 Offset Double-Bowl Cast Iron Top/UM Kitchen Sink


    Pacific Sink-6004

      Dimensions: 33"x22"x11(L),8(S)"